Sunday, 18 March 2012

Ireland's 6 Nations Journey (In Pictures)

After yesterday's embarrassing defeat against England I, like most Ireland fans, never want to hear the words 'scrum', 'maul' or 'Ben Morgan' ever again. The last group of Englishmen to do that much damage to Irish morale was led by Oliver Cromwell.  Our pack was beaten so thoroughly that Tom Court has to spend the rest of the week in a shelter for abused spouses.
Anyway despite our inconsistent performance I felt like we should look back over Ireland's 6 Nations campaign in my favourite way, through the medium of mildly amusing pictures. (But not the England match because fuck the England match!)

Ferris blocks a clearance kick. That ball hit him so hard in the face that his lips are now technically the property of Gilbert.

Gordon D'arcy is seen here out-pacing Botez despite the latter's ability to fly. This is actually the only 6 Nations picture of D'arcy where he's not pictured falling over or dropping the ball.

It would be easy to make fun of the terrified expression on this guy's face but, honestly, how would you look if you knew that O'Callaghan was chasing you? Yeah. Glass Houses.

Reddan scores a sneaky try after being knocked a full 360 degrees by a Scottish forward. He didn't even know he'd scored. He thought he was running over the sideline for medical attention.

This was taken just before the France v. Ireland replay. Heaslip is just warning God that he better not pull any more of that 'snow' bullshit or there'll be words.

Ferris got up and played the rest of the match after this tackle. I got whiplash just watching it happen.

'Okay. This clearly isn't working. Plan B. Get out the sledgehammer and the bear tranquilliser.'

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