Sunday, 9 October 2011

Ireland's World Cup Journey (Told Through Awesome Photos)

So Ireland's World Cup journey came to an end on Saturday when Wales discovered a way to neutralise Sean O'Brien (personally I'm guessing kryptonite scrum caps). Wales will now go through to the semi finals against France happy in the knowledge that, after surviving tackles from the likes of Paul O'Connell and Stephen Ferris, they are now legally unkillable. The Welsh defence on their own tryline was so airtight that NASA is considering using Sam Warburton as the door on the International Space Station.
Now that Ireland are making their trip home however I thought I'd take this opportunity to take you through my favourite pictures from the Irish campaign.

That is Paul O'Connell's game face. It's an extremely effective offensive weapon because it's a lot harder to make a tackle when you've just shat yourself. 

Brian O'Driscoll and Rob Kearney d├ębut their new 'suprised kitty' celebration dance.

On a list of places where I wouldn't want to put my fingers 'Paul O'Connell's mouth' is up there with 'a beehive', ' a bear trap' and 'Snookie's vagina'.

This is one of my favourite pictures for a variety of reasons but mostly I think because of Will Genia's expression. Look at it. That's a face that's thinking 'I should have taken up cricket'

This might not look particularly impressive but it's worth posting because it's the last thing a lot of players saw before waking up in the hospital and asking what year it was.

This Russian player later took his own life. The knowledge that he'd been handed off by O'Gara was too much for him to live with. Fair play to R.O.G though, even Cian Healy looks impressed and his tackles have to be legally considered 'car crashes' so that his victim's insurance will cover the medical expenses.

This is a picture that perfectly encapsulates the concept of 'joy'. Looking at it comes with a hefty price though. And that price is the knowledge that you will never, ever look that cool or be that happy.

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